At Sunfield Home Howick we believe in providing a stimulating environment for our residents where they are encouraged to extend their abilities and achieve a life of fulfillment.


Sport plays a very big part in the life of all the residents here at the Home. Besides the obvious physical benefits, it nurtures teamwork, sportsmanship and happy camaraderie, which are so much part of the ethos of our Home.

Everyone joins in to a lesser or greater degree with lots of encouragement from our trained sports staff.

The following sports are provided: soccer, bocce, swimming, table tennis, black pool, softball plus activities for the elderly and less able.

Sunfield holds an annual Sports Day in which all residents participate.  It’s a marvelous day that highlights the sporting talents of all. There is also an annual Gala held at the Sunfield pool, where all residents get the opportunity to participate, regardless of their swimming abilities.

We are extremely proud of our residents, some of whom have competed in: The ​KAZNA II for athletics at the SASA II Winter Elite Games; The KAZNA II for Table Tennis at the SASA II Winter Elite Games; The KAZNA II at the SASA II All Age Summer Games; The South African National Finals of the Special Olympics; and The Special Olympics.

Would you like to sponsor one of our high achieving sportsmen or women? Often our sports teams don’t have funding for the equipment, clothing or travel costs to realise their dreams and your contribution could make all the difference. Contact  Us  to see how you can help.                                                    


We employ a full time professional Occupational Therapist and she is supported by a Workshop Manager and a dedicated team of occupational and workshop assistants.

A varied and structured programme is in place to provide activities that are suitable for each individual, according to their ability. These tasks give residents purpose, a sense of achievement and facilitates their overall development. It enables them to experience satisfaction as they constantly improve their functional capacity and quality of life.

Art is a creative outlet and our residents enjoy expressing themselves through various mediums. The residents can engage in woodwork, beadwork, pottery, rug-making, sewing, cooking and baking. Many of these products are sold through our onsite shop and/or through local markets.

​Dancing is always a popular activity and residents have thoroughly enjoyed being taught ballroom dancing, line dancing and even Zulu gumboot dancing!

The Occupational Department has more recently included project-based work for local businesses. Our residents enjoy being employed in meaningful activities for local industry and have taken on assembly projects for manufacturers. Do you have a project that requires careful attention to detail and could be an occupational therapy project for our residents?

Please Contact Us, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.

Tania Darch: Head of Occupational Therapy


Are you willing to help with a capital project?

Our Occupational workshops have had to be dispersed around our grounds as Schafer House, which traditionally housed all our occupational activities, is in urgent need of restoration.

We are appealing for corporate sponsors to finance the upgrade of this facility.

Please Contact Us to discuss your possible involvement. We’d welcome the chance to discuss the options with you.


Residents participate in events to promote the Home and help raise funds. They take great pride in helping and engaging actively to make each event a special occasion. Our growing numbers at events are testimony to the importance the Home places on encouraging family, friends and the local Midlands community to support and honour their achievements.


The Sunfield May Fair has long been one of the flagship fundraising events on our calendar. It’s a community affair that firmly showcases the good work and progress our residents have made and is an opportunity for residents to proudly display and sell their skills and products.
It is an excellent marketing opportunity for any corporate wishing to channel their social responsibility budget to a good cause, which will also have high profile public reach. The spirit of this event is on the changing seasons and, as Autumn moves to Winter, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to wander the stalls, relax to music, engage with the Home or merely relax with family and friends.
Please talk to us about becoming a sponsor, we need your help. 

Sunfield residents entertaining the May Fair visitors with their Zulu Dance.


Our Christmas Fair is the second of the major fundraisers held at the Home. However, the spirit of this event revolves around counting our blessings, being grateful for the year that was and preparing ourselves for the year ahead. While it also provides a great opportunity for family, friends and the community to come together with music and stalls to entertain, this event has a more tranquil atmosphere and the highlight is the Tree of Lights, lit up from that night through until after Christmas.
If you would like the opportunity to sponsor this event and show the Midlands community that you care, please Contact Us, we’d like to hear from you.


We are fortunate to have amongst us a caring house parent whose Christmas concerts have become somewhat of a legend. Every year this event entertains and raises the bar on just how witty, clever and talented our residents, staff and parents can be.


Throughout the year we have several events that can, and do, provide excellent sponsorship opportunities for companies who need to show the Midlands community that they care. In addition, we are always willing to engage with and discuss any ideas you may have in mind.

Some of the things we have done include, but are not limited to: Outdoor Movie Evenings  –  Mandela Day Events  –  Valentine’s Disco’s  –  Christmas in July  –  Golf Days  –  Private / In House Events

Please Contact Us for details about forthcoming events.