Combrinck House is the Sunfield Home frail care unit and step-down facility. The staff is passionate about caring for the residents, who need help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and other ablutions.

The Combrinck staff also offer care to existing Residents who have developed conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The overall health and wellbeing of the Residents in this unit is closely monitored for their ongoing comfort and safety.

Residents who use a wheelchair or a walking aid are assisted with all of their daily needs. Palliative care is also given to Residents who become ill and who continue to deteriorate. At Sunfield Home, our aim is to improve their quality of life, and to provide relief for Residents who require specialised care.  This type of care encompasses a team approach, therefore all the staff is adequately trained to work in such an environment.

The Residents at Sunfield Home are encouraged to attend Occupational Therapy to stimulate their mind. Parents and family members are most welcome to visit their loved ones frequently and Sunfield Home welcomes families who can provide loving and involved participation in the Resident’s care.  The staff is friendly, patient, approachable and very keen to assist.  There is a special bond of friendship, loyalty, trust and respect amongst the staff and Residents.

The Sunfield Home Combrinck House housemother, together with her two assistants, ensures that the unit runs smoothly and efficiently. The facility is fresh, clean and airy, and is well maintained. The Residents’ bedrooms are unique in that the Residents are able to portray their personalities by adding their personal touch in terms of bedding, curtaining and decorations, should they wish.

Combrinck House is one of the most special and beautiful houses at Sunfield Home Howick. While one is not able to book directly into Combrinck, it does provide a loving and caring place for existing Residents to retire to, when their needs dictate.

Why not book an interview with Cliff to see if your loved one qualifies for a place at Sunfield Home Howick. It truly is a home away from home, for intellectually impaired adults.

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